Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | | By: Febi

Shuttlers in Bath to visit Oxford University today

PETALING JAYA: After undergoing one week of a punishing training regime, the national shuttlers in Bath will finally get a day off – and they will head for a visit to the famed Oxford University today.
The team have been put through two sessions of non-stop training daily since arriving in Bath last Thursday. This included gym, track running and court workouts.

So much for reduced training intensity! Anyway, it’s only fitting that the team should take a day off and visit one of the most famous universities in the United Kingdom.

“The whole team will make a day trip to Oxford and Bicester, which is only about two hours from Bath by bus,” said BA of Malaysia (BAM) high performance director Wong Ah Jit via e-mail.
“Despite trying to reduce the intensity, the training has still been quite high tempo, with the players fully focused and committed to the cause.

“Besides, the off day will also give our two chefs – Foong Poh Wah and Noor Badariah Badardin – a breather too. They have been cooking non-stop since the team first arrived!

“Team spirit is also high and everyone is looking forward to the final countdown.”
The team will leave for London on Saturday.



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