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Shivers fail to derail Khairul

BOTH suffered a case of the shivers ahead of their all-Malaysian showdown at Lord's cricket ground but Khairul Anuar Mohamad turned out to be the cooler of the two as he beat Cheng Chu Sian in the first round of the London Olympics men's individual on Tuesday.

That was soon followed by the scalp of China's Xing Yu, which meant a last-16 clash with Britain's Larry Godfrey on Friday.

"It was very tough, having to compete against your teammate. We are all very close and could not believe the draw when it came out," said Khairul, 21.

Khairul Anuar Mohamad meets Britain's Larry Godfrey on Friday.
Khairul and Chu Siang's tie was a real nerve-wrecker with both taking turns to lead before the former sealed his second round berth with a 6-4 (29-26, 27-28, 25-27, 29-27, 30-29) triumph.

"I had to forget who was my opponent as both of us were determined to give Malaysia something to cheer for after the team event (where they were eliminated in the first round)."

Khairul's match against Xing Yu was also filled with tension as they were tied 5-5 (28-30, 29-29, 28-27, 28-7, 26-28) on points, which meant a one-arrow shoot off.

Khairul was spot on, as his arrow landed closest to the bullseye and ensured there would be Malaysian involvement in Friday's deciding day.

It is now up to Khairul to determine just how serious that involvement will be.

Vijesh Rai - NST


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