Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | | By: Febi

Oxford and Gloucester

 Oxford and Gloucester sounds like a Building Society.  But actually, as a total digression from my holiday I thought I'd just show you a couple of photos that Dad took in 1928 while he was on holiday at the age of 21.  I came across them in an old album while looking for something else recently.  (If you click on them they will enlarge.  Sorry about the watermarks but they strike me as the sort of picture that folk might try to 'borrow' without permission!  I'm usually happy to give permission but don't really want to just have them appear all over the place without acknowledgement.)

Broad Street, Oxford

Broad Street, Oxford

Westgate Street, Gloucester

Northgate Street, Gloucester

I think things may have changed a bit since then...


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