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Haziq fails in Archery individual event

Haziq in action in the individual event
LONDON: Archery saw another first round casualty for Malaysia as Haziq Kamaruddin exited the individual event after losing to Kazakhstan’s Denis Gankin.
The Malaysian lost 4-6 in a closely fought encounter.

Haziq won the first and fourth round but lost the other three narrowly.
The bout started off with Haziq winning 29-27. The other two bouts saw the Kazakhstan player winning by one point 28-27, 28-27 to take a 2-1 lead.
Hazif regained his composure to take the fourth at 27-25 but in the last decider he shot a 25 to Gankin’s 26.

Archery team manager Tan Sri Abdul Halil Mutalif said that luck was not with Haziq.
“It was a close match all the way and could have gone either way. When you look at the overall score Haziq scored 135 to Gankin’s 134.

“But in the individual event it is the number of sets you win. But he tried hard and that is important,’ he said.

There is still Cheng Chu Sian and Khairul Anuar match-up to go for the Malaysians and the Nurul Syafiqah Hashim.

Chu Sian and Khairul will face off with each other while Syafiqah will meet Taiwan’s Lin Chia-en in the first round ties.


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