Tuesday, July 24, 2012 | | By: Febi

Another Ramble on Lewis

One of the things which has changed a lot on the Island of Lewis since I have been visiting from the mid-seventies is the amount of peat dug for fuel. 

In the days when I first came up there were many, many peat banks being dug and everywhere around the island one could see stacks of drying or dried peats. 

 Nowadays most of the banks lie neglected and beginning to grow back into the landscape.   

A stack like this is a magnet for tourists to take photos because they are so rare.

A Meadow Pipit which visits the garden. 

 These are some of the mainland mountains as seen from GB’s when the weather is kind.  (I did say this was a ramble!)

Seaweeds on the beach below GB’s.  This last week the tides have been lower and higher than I have ever seen them before but then I am never here for the Spring and Neap Tides which must be a lot better.

 One of the best sights of the holiday – a Golden Eagle on the Pentland Road. 

You’ll be pleased to know there is a better photo below…  It was being attacked by a gull.

 Whoopee – my best ever photo of a Golden Eagle.

 We were at the Callanish Stones yesterday.

Friend-über-special is a lover of the Callanish Stones. Friend-über-special knitted me a scarf.  So this photo is for Friend-über-special.

 There will be more Callanish photos when I can get around to processing them.


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