Sunday, July 22, 2012 | | By: Febi

A Sunday Stroll

I have decided that today is the sort of day to stay in and tidy my room at GB’s.  The main reason is because I can’t find my favourite pen and I am fed up that I keep misplacing it.  “A place for everything and everything in its place” will solve that. My favourite pen happens to belong to Partner-who-loves-tea.   In the past I preferred one type and she another but my preference has changed since I have been up here with the one of hers that I acquired accidentally on departure from home.  Sunday is also not a day for being out and about on Lewis because nowhere is open.  The Sabbath is still kept fairly strictly on the Island despite the introduction of Sunday ferry services.  And finally, and most honestly, this is the reason I only wish to ramble metaphorically today…..

The weather is wet and windy.

But yesterday I did have a trip down to the beach below GB’s just as the day was changing from a delightfully sunny morning to a wet evening.  

It’s a lovely beach and so rarely used, except by a few folk who know about its secluded location and walk their dogs.  I was down there for two hours and saw no one (though a sheepdog sprinted across the beach a couple of times, it’s owner presumably among the rocks further down).   Bayble Beach – the one you see from GB’s study and kitchen - is far busier by comparison.  There may be half a dozen people or so on a sunny Saturday.  I did say ‘by comparison’.  A similar beach back home would be crawling with people. 

On Friday we visited Eoropie beach near Ness on the north-east side of the island - see GB’sblog.  

And whilst it was beautiful and deserted the regular presence of humans was evident in one spot by their litter and detritus.  Even accepting that some of it was sea-borne it remained a sad reflection on Man’s inability to visit anywhere on the planet without letting the environment know he’s been there.

But apart from this bottle (no message inside) I’ll concentrate on the beauties of the beach, instead.

If you aren't jealous you must be in a very beautiful spot (mentally or physically) just at the moment. 


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